2014 Postmortem Notes

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Camp size: 27


  • Chefs need to be better informed of style and budget for camp meals
  • Make camp meal cookbook, notes on snacks that work well
  • Buy more vinegar
  • Lots of random salt and spices in Reno storage
  • About 5 rolls of paper towels left
  • New kitchen table to replace pong table
  • Buy additional table/bench set
  • Plastic tubs/bags to protect freezer foods from water
  • Bigger/additional cooler for ice so freezer doesn't accumulate ice melt
  • More knives
  • Spoon rest
  • Cutting boards with edges
  • Pan scrapers
  • Big stove used about 2/3 tank of propane
  • Little stove went through about 3 lbs


  • Used about 180 gallons of water
  • Buy 2 new aquatainers


  • Broom and dust pan
  • Leveling tool to even out ground
  • New staple gun
  • Screwdrivers

Hookah Lounge

  • Move lounge hours earlier, 13:00 - 16:30?
  • Make shift start 15 min before opening to clean and prep
  • Use food safety gloves for handling shisha
  • Advertise drinks better, maybe put bottles on top of bar?
  • Have explicit bar events?
  • Need a way for guests to signal a hookah change
  • Get tool for cleaning hookahs
  • Alcohol swabs for cleaning hookah hose tips
  • Buy a spare blender

Early Arrival

  • Ford cargo van has aux-in
  • Cargo van doesn't fit in Harrah self parking
  • Eat dinner before things close in Reno
  • Plan for explicit EA meals
  • Holiday Inn Reno Sparks is good, has a truck lot
  • Walkie talkies would be good for the drive from Reno to Playa


  • Formalize truck/cargo van cost splitting
  • Use work/prep budget for EA food and lodging


  • Check for overlapping ice shift and lunch shift
  • Bike parking signs
  • Separate dining area from tents more
  • Toss Fabric's bin next year if he doesn't show
  • 2 spare tents in Reno storage, 3 person and 2 person size
  • Camp manual online, member agreement
  • Shade structure and dome assembly/disassembly instructions