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Some information [REMOVED] for privacy reasons

First Name Sameer

Last Name Chopra

Email Address [REMOVED]

Playa Name

Address 1 [REMOVED]

Address 2


Country [REMOVED]

State or Province [REMOVED]

Postal Code [REMOVED]

Phone Number [REMOVED]

What years have you attended Burning Man? 2011,2014

Burning Man Projects and Affiliations Theme Camp

Describe Your Burning Man Projects and Affiliations I have worked on Playasophy camp, dedicated to the spread of ideas on the playa. The last few years, we have operating a hookah and coffee lounge as a place for travellers to rest during a hot day, sharing stories and hopefully lessons they have learned with each other as well as the camp.

Camp Category Theme Camp

Who directed you to this category?

Who is Providing Your Early Arrival Passes

Email of Provider

Camp/Village Name? Playasophy Camp

For Camps within a registering Village: name of village?

Interactivity Description Playasophy is bringing back our popular hookah lounge, and building up our camp around it. One of our major priorities is redoing the front of our camp. While the current setup was fine when we were placed deeper in the city, seeing the other camps placed on the plaza last year inspired us to build a new facade so the hookah lounge will be instantly recognizable. We also be serving coffee in the mornings this year, on the suggestion of our neighbors. In the past, we have served iced coffee during the hot afternoons, so serving hot coffee during the cold morning hours is a natural way to grow our contribution to the community.

In the hookah lounge itself, we're trying to make the most popular aspects more consistent to improve the overall experience. In the past, we have had different hours each day to accommodate a variety of schedules, but found it was easier for visitors if we had consistent hours, so this year we will be open at the same time each day. In addition, we will be expanding our bar options. We were surprised by how many people would come just to hang out and enjoy a drink, and are increasing the selection of liquors so members can mix up all kinds of fun concoctions.

We are also working on our other public spaces to expand Playasophy’s night time offerings. We are improving on our Wonder Dome, a dome with controllable colored lights attached to the ceiling, by covering the floor cushions and couches to turn it into a full-on “House of Soft”. The Wonder Dome proved to be a very popular space last year with people taking a night off from exploring, and we want to make sure there is enough comfortable space for people to lounge on while enjoying the lights. In addition, we are adding a fire pit for people to hang out and warm up during the cold nights. We are decorating the space so if we have another plot with frontage on multiple streets the back of our camp is as welcoming as the front.

Project Interactivity Primarily Day Time,Acculturation for First time Burners,Bar,Chill Space,Fire / Flame Art,Food Given,Theme-related activities

Number of Campmates 21 to 30

Acculturation Playasophy is once again bringing back our popular “Virgin 101” talk, an open discussion led by veteran members to talk about Burning Man, the 10 Principles, and what they mean to us. In the past, this has been one of our more popular event, and we hope by improving out hang out space, more virgins will feel welcome to come, listen to stories from the veterans, and ask any questions they may have.

Physical Description The front of the camp consists of a shade structure with an adjacent dome 24' in diameter. The dome will be the Wonder Dome, a public hangout space, and the front portion of the shade structure will be used for the hookah lounge. The back of the shade structure is private space for members to put their tents, and next to it is a carport that we're using as our kitchen. Behind the shade structure, we have 3 yurts that are being used as additional sleeping space, so we need less of the shade structure as private space and use more for the hookah lounge. Near the yurts we will have a smaller private dome, 17' in diameter, for camp meetings. Finally, in the far back we will have parking space and space for the box truck, and at the very back we will have an open space with seating for the fire pit (potentially the second frontage if we have a plot with multiple frontages).

Project Features

Sound Amplification No

Sound Amplification Details

Stage No

Big-Name Performers

Big-Name Performer List

Large Crowds No

House Managers Name

House Managers Email

House Managers Phone Number

Do You Want to Share Your Camp Name, Location and information? Listed

Text for website listing Welcome to Playasophy, a space to rest and reflect in the excitement of the carnival. Come in the mornings for coffee to start off your day, and in the afternoons sit around a hookah, enjoy a beverage and share stories and experiences with both our members and other travelers! In the evenings, enjoy the splendor of the Wonderdome, a fully controllable immersive light display while resting in the House of Soft. We hope to see you soon!

Camp Hometown Seattle

Camp state/province WA

Camp country USA

Public URL for Camp

Public Email

1st additional contact Sameer Chopra

1st Additional contact role - Important to indicate, as this person may have more authority than the questionnaire filer. Placement Chair

1st Additional contact email [REMOVED]

1st Additional contact phone number [REMOVED]

2nd Additional contact name Greg Look

2nd Additional contact role - Important to indicate, as this person may have more authority than the questionnaire filer. Camp Leader

2nd Additional contact email [REMOVED]

2nd Additional contact phone number [REMOVED]

3rd Additional contact name

3rd Additional contact role - Important to indicate, as this person may have more authority than the questionnaire filer.

3rd Additional contact email

3rd Additional contact phone number

4th Additional contact name

4th Additional contact role - Important to indicate, as this person may have more authority than the questionnaire filer.

4th Additional contact email

4th Additional contact phone number

Additional Emails

Purchased a ticket? Yes

Previous Camp Lead Greg Look

Early Arrival Setup Crew Count 6

Early Arrival Date Friday

Camp Producer False

Camp Producer Name

Camp Producer Email

Producer Phone Number

Who will receive the EA Passes?

Requested Sector, 1st choice 3:00 Plaza

Requested Frontage Option 60

Requested Sector, 2nd choice 9:00 Plaza

Requested Frontage Option, 2nd choice 60

Requested Sector, 3rd choice 4:30 Plaza

Requested Frontage Option, 3rd choice 60

Requested Approximate square footage need by population 10000

You would prefer not to camp near ...

Requested Sector: Other Camps

Other Camp Location: Comments

Requested Approximate square footage need by population: Other Camps

LNT Contact Name Sameer Chopra

LNT Contact Email [REMOVED]

Leave No Trace is a cornerstone of the Burning Man ethos and one of our Ten Principles. Practice the 5 R's: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore and Respect.,Reduce trash when packing.,Create a detailed strategy or plan for Leaving NO Trace

During Burning Man, our camp will: Keep smelly garbage away from recyclables in BRC.,Clean As We Go and Keep It From Hitting the Ground.,Adopt the seven principles and practices of Leave No Trace at Burning Man.,Educate all camp members about minimizing our impact on the playa, so that my LNT crew can relax during the event knowing that all of our camp members are doing their part.,Conserve energy, use renewable energy sources and minimize waste.,Collect, reduce and properly dispose of grey water.,Use or creatively use discarded materials for all the components of our camp structure and decorations, so that our camp is sustainable year after year.

As we depart the playa, our camp will: Bring tools to rake, magnetic rake, sweep and pick up every last nail and wood shard that dropped on the playa surface so that I leave my space and my surrounding spaces better than I found them,Follow the 'rule of thumb for line sweeps'- (hyperlink http://www.burningman.com/environment/images/moopmap10fin.jpg) – performing required multiple sweeps of our camp before leaving BRC. (One sweep is not enough. Do as many passes as necessary: the strength of the line sweep is in the number of people and passes.),Organize neighborhood MOOP sweeps. (Joining with neighboring camps and sweeping an entire block together is the best insurance against MOOP hot spots, bringing your own MOOP scores down.),Secure all vehicles' loads to prevent windblown trash on the highway and in neighboring communities.

Art Installation Name

Heavy Equipment Use No

Heavy Equipment Details

Share Heavy Equipment

Outside Services Deliveries? No

Outside Services Details

Outside Services Provider

Number and Type of Vehicles 5 cars, 1 box truck

RV / Portable Housing Rental No

Number of RVs / Portable Housing Units

RV / Portable Housing Provider Name

RV/ Portable Housing Unit Provider Email

RV / Portable Housing Unit Provider Phone

Have you purchased a year-round storage container from Burning Man? No

What is the PC # of the container that you purchased?

Shipping Container From Somewhere Else No

Water for Civic Benefit No

Mutant Vehicles No

Name of Mutant Vehicle(s)

Mutant Vehicle Contacts

Generator Powered? Yes

Number of Generators 1-3

Kind of Fuel gasoline

Fuel Storage 1-20

Alternative Power


Flame Effects No

Open Fire and Store Bought Fire Appliances No

Describe Burn Barrel and/or Fire Appliances

Are You Using Lasers in Your Theme Camp? No

Laser Safety Contact Name

Laser Safety Contact Playa Name

Laser Safety Contact Email

Describe Lasers and Safety Measures

Camp Layout Plan Must be uploaded to complete questionnaire 48-c3d4324384eb319c160f36674c2f0b57_layout-block-top.png

If your project will include activities for mature audience or that raise health and safety issues, which of the following will be included? Please check all that apply.

I Have Read And Understand The Flame Effects Fire Safety Agreement Information And Accept Its Conditions

I Have Read And Understand The Above Information on Fuel and Hazardous Materials Storage And Accept Its Conditions

Fire Safety Liaison Name

Fire Safety Liaison Phone Number

Fire Safety Liaison Email Address

Fire Safety Assistants

Flame Effect Fuel 1

Flame Effect Fuel 1 Consumption/hour

Flame Effect Fuel 2

Flame Effect Fuel 2 Consumption/hour

Flame Effect Fuel 3

Flame Effect Fuel 3 Consumption/hour

Burning Scenario

Via the Web

Safety Plan

Emergency Response Plan

Fuel 1 Type

Fuel 1 Quantity

Fuel 1 Delivery

Fuel 1 Storage

Fuel 2 Type

Fuel 2 Quantity

Fuel 2 Delivery

Fuel 2 Storage

Fuel 3 Type

Fuel 3 Quantity

Fuel 3 Delivery

Fuel 3 Storage