2016 Postmortem Notes

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Camp size: 34

Early Arrival

  • Pack items at the back of the truck:
    • gas canisters
    • water containers
    • tools
    • EA food
  • Shopping lists need to include non-food items like:
    • Four 8' 2"x4" lumber for evap pond
      • Note that we saved these this year (2016), so maybe check the unit before buying new lumber
    • Paper towels
    • Trash bags
    • Burnable bags
    • Propane canisters
  • Kitchen hat should really, really be EA


  • Need more seating/benches
  • Consider higher tables for prep surfaces to make cutting easier
  • 4-5 items per recipe MAX - anything more will need to be self-sourced
  • Have exceeded one Costco-size paper towel - probably need two for next year
  • Probably need to increase # of Arctica ice bags per shift
  • New freezer/fridge probably needed at this point
  • Camp cooler for personal items? (Beer, juice, etc. etc.)
  • More hot sauce!!!