2018 Postmortem Notes

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  • Camp size: 33
  • EA size: 7
  • Placement: 3:30 & B, enormous 150' x 100' corner plot

What Went Well

  • The lounge is a well-oiled smoke machine. Tara estimates 3k people served over the course of the week, and calls that a conservative estimate
  • Meals were excellent, kitchen also a well-oiled smoke machine
  • Modular shade cloth (multiple 10' x 20' sections) made setting up the back of the house much easier
  • 10' extension to front of the house looked great, let us fill our giant plot
  • Staggered diagonal layout worked surprisingly well, good use of corner frontage
  • Lots of floor space in the lounge made for a nice environment, e.g. for Michelle and Eliot's wedding reception
  • Virtually unlimited supply of water, no problem filling both 275G totes and move with existing truck
  • Tea lounge was nice, need to advertise it better though
  • Music improvements were well received, USB audio recording from the mixer to the laptop worked beautifully
  • Piano, live music performances, and gonzo karaoke continue to bring people together and drive people apart

What Went Badly

  • 2kW generator was woefully underpowered
  • Hose adapters for 275G totes broke/leaked, had to pump water out of the top
  • Staggered arrivals hurt camp cohesion, sponsors need to sponsor better
  • People smoking pot (and etc.) in the lounge, need people on shift in the lounge to shoo them out
  • As always, bike racks go unused while bikes pile up in front of the lounge and into the street
  • One yurt never set up, left to languish in the truck
  • Late-teardown was difficult, need more people to stay through exodus

Things to Remember to do Differently Next Year

  • Mumble-ups should include acculturation and opportunities to get to know each other before the main event, not just logistics talk.
  • Add a camp Code of Conduct, with a specific emphasis on consent. Cover this during the mumble-ups.
  • Sponsors should handle camp walk through if their sponsees show up late
  • Get 2 2kW generators or 1 3kW, not 1 2kW
  • Have headcount for setup/teardown, know how many people will be staying through sunday night and packing the storage unit
  • Have clear setup/teardown expectations, people should generally plan to do at least one
  • Put EA/setup/teardown on roster
  • Consider adding a Housing and Urban Development Hat to deal with yurts, tents
  • Consider hosting events outside of lounge hours. Consider making the MoSC responsible for this.
  • Merge lounge and tea shifts, have 2 3-hour shifts per night instead of 3 2-hour shifts
  • Eco hat should be responsible for post-teardown cleanup, getting trash and recycling to the dump, taking photos after moop sweep

Hat-specific Notes


  • Generator needs to be >3kW, have enough gas capacity that we don't have to fill it multiple times per day
  • Running the generator 24 hours over the weekend was a great choice
  • Separate power rails for lighting and music: nothing but music equipment should be plugged into the power conditioner, and you shouldn't have to run the lights to play music.
  • We finally had enough power cords


  • Replace and test tote adapters
  • Do not bring more than 2G/p/d, dumping out water is a hassle

Build and infrastructure

  • 2018 build inventory:
    • 32x 8' conduit
    • 102x 10' conduit
    • shadecloth TODO
  • Get two more full-sized ladders, consider losing the stepstools
  • Modular shadecloth is the future
  • We had 10 lag bolts left after setup; don't forget to get more bolts if we expand camp
  • More literal soft stuff in the dome/lounge
  • More furniture in the lounge
  • From last year: tool organization is weak, consider getting an actual toolbox


  • Consider cutting 2' conduit sections to attach 8' and 10' cells
  • Putting the truck south of camp helped block the sun
  • Diagonal frontage worked well
  • Chris needs to put this and the last couple years' layouts online


  • Still need to replace the fridge, but keeping it in the truck helped
  • Get giant ziplock bags for ice to preserve meltwater


  • Need more people on lounge shift on saturday, possibly fewer earlier in the week
  • Either get many more plastic hookah tips or give them out on request only
  • Need more lounge furniture now that we've got a bigger lounge, consider playatech tables or a long standing bar
  • Consider advertising for tea lounge or lighting the lounge up more at night

Trucking and logistics

  • Think long and hard before using u-haul again, make sure cleaning and overage are explicit in contract
  • Dusty Trucker needs to be responsible for cleaning/returning the truck


  • Add email/preferred contact info to the roster
  • Checklists in camp manual went totally unused, is there a better way?
  • It's probably time for new blackboards
  • Digital organization continues to be a disaster
  • Need a better way of tracking consumables year over year