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Burning Can is a recurring counter-countercultural festival-within-a-festival held near (but at least 20 feet from) Playasophy camp during Burning Man. The event has been described as a experiment in hyper-temporary community, and has attracted some of the camp's foremost artists and thinkers.

Burning Can is centered on a fire in the eponymous can, i.e. the camp burn barrel.

Proponents of the event enthuse that "the can burns every night". While this isn't literally true, it's possible to interpret this aphorism as a reminder that Burning Can is a temporary physical manifestation of the dumpster fire that burns eternal in its participants' hearts.


2016 to Present

The origin of Burning Can is steeped in folklore and mystery, but most popular accounts credit Vincent with coining the name, and Luis with establishing its core principles in 2016.


The ethos of Burning Can is codified in its ten (give or take) principles. These principles seek to describe the culture of the Burning Can community, and serve as guidelines for the evolution of the event.

Radical Immolation

Burning Can strives to provide an inclusive environment for flammable things. No prerequisites exist for participation in our barrel, except flammability.

Radical Stuff-compliance

No plastics, metals, or any other material that seems like it wouldn't burn cleanly. Avoid propane tanks, camp fuel canisters, and the like.

Radical Leave No Ash

As part of the camp's broader LNT initiative, the Burning Can community seeks to contain ash and other fire-related MOOP. Maybe consider burning more wood and less paper if you've got an especially ash-prone fire.

Radical Be Careful With the Lid

It is hot and sharp. Consider wearing gloves.

Radical Self-Inclusion

Include yourself. Be present for Burning Can.

Radical Chairs

Bring one. It makes Burning Can better.

Radical Whatever

Do what you want, man.

Radical Feel Free to Change These Principles Guys, The Edit Button is Right There ->