Dusty Trucker

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The person in this role is responsible for renting and driving the box truck from Reno to BRC and back. This role requires work primarily around the event, with the exception of the rental itself.


  1. Arrange and pay for the rental of a 26’ box truck either in Reno or within short driving distance. (You will be reimbursed by the camp after the burn) You can rent it several months in advance, which you should. Try to get it from 80 Gentry Way, Reno, otherwise Auburn, CA is your next best bet.
  2. Pick up the rental truck before the event and drive it to Reno (if not picking up in Reno).
  3. Help load the storage unit into the truck.
  4. Drive the truck from Reno into Black Rock City, onto the camp’s placed location. This involves filling our water containers in Gerlach, as well as ensuring we have enough gas in the tank to get us there and back.
  5. After the event, drive the truck from BRC back to Reno. You will be driving VERY early in the morning on Monday (leaving around 2 or 3am), so make sure you're rested.
  6. Help unload the truck back into the storage unit.
  7. Drop off Trash and Recycling
  8. GET TRUCK CLEANED. This is new for 2019, you need to find a place that will detail a 26' truck
  9. Drive the truck to the drop-off point.