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Mumble is a free, open-source chat application. We generally host a few camp-wide meetings on Mumble in the summer before the big event.

Server info:

  • server:
  • port: 64738 (the default)
  • password: ask somebody, possibly Chris

To install Mumble:

  1. Go to and download the latest Mumble client for your computer.
  2. Install the client and follow the setup instructions. Make sure you are set to "push to talk" mode so there isn't too much background noise; usually under preferences (MacOS) or configure settings (PC).
  3. Connect to and accept the server certificate. Use your first name or alias as the user name. Ask somebody for the password.
  4. You should now be able to talk and chat with other people on the server!

It should look like this:

Mumble osx.png

Don't hesitate to ask for help if you have trouble getting set up!