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Music Server

The Playasophy Subsonic server is up at Subsonic is a music streaming service and music library manager, try it out!

Any music you upload or playlists you create using Subsonic will be available offline on the playa. You can upload music to Subsonic by going to "More > Upload Files" from the left-hand menu.


An easy way to upload music is to talk to @housebot on the #music slack channel. Tracks and playlists that housebot adds at your behest are saved under your-name/ on the server.


This page exists to share music that will be played or has been played at the camp. There should be music for:

  • Morning
  • Hookah Lounge
  • Night
  • Extreme Chillin'
  • Camp Setup
  • Camp Teardown

This will allow us to accommodate different physical and emotional states to get us amped for building things, meditative and in the contemplative headspace for hookah and coffee lounging, chilled-out in soft material for much needed relaxation and down time from the circus, etc.

NB: Looking into using Subsonic (hosted here) as the repository and possibly as the music player (if we can get all the muzak mobilized). If you're familiar or have suggestions, please comment!


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