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The placement coordinator interfaces with the Burning Man Organization’s placement team. They solicit information for, write, and submit the camp’s placement application. This role requires pre-event work only.


  1. Collect information about the camp’s planned events from the Master of Scheduling.
  2. Get plan images from the Layout Planner.
  3. Write the Theme Camp placement application.
  4. Submit the application by the deadline.
  5. Submit camp events to the What Where When when submissions open.


The most important part of Placement Coordinator's duties is the Interactivity description on the Placement App. This is where we present what we bring to Burning Man, which the coordinators then evaluate whether/where to place us. Playasophy and Burning Man have a happy equilibrium: we both agree that our offering is appropriate for the 3 o'clock plaza, so by describing the hookah lounge, coffee, and talks well, you should be able to secure our spot for the next year. Here are some tips:


  • Mention every offering by name. For example, "Playasophy will once again be serving hookah and coffee" is more helpful to the placer than "Playasophy will once again be hosting our hookah lounge"
  • Work with the layout planner in January. The rust takes a while to shake off.


  • Be afraid to mention offerings that you are in the early stages. The hookah lounge was part of our Placement App even when it was 4 of us throwing ideas on a Google Doc
  • Forget to mention the talks! These are more for the sections on how Playasophy helps new burners, but they are an important part of our app


For reference, here are the placement apps from previous years: