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== Print out or Draw a 5 by 5 Bingo Board. ==

The idea is to get "Playa BINGO" by filling in the blank board with tasks that can be done at the burn. This stems off into a conversation of general advice for Virgins or sharing of stories of experiences from veterans or the group.
Burning-man-bingo 2016.jpg

1) FREE SPACE (Draw the man as a free space on the bingo board) Point out how the man's arms are down right now, but in all drawings of the man, the arms are up. (Note that you can draw the man in a number of different ways, particularly the head, being upside down triangle or a diamond.) Explain how the man burn happens with the arms going up as a signal that it's ready to burn. Talk about the whole build up with fire conclave and what to expect. You can also mention that lots of other people here burn their art and what to watch out for if you are looking to watch something burn.

2) Write something on the temple. Explain the significance of the temple. And how the temple burn is very different from the man burn.

3) Wash your feet in vinegar. Talk about playa foot and vinegar counteracting it

4) Get a stranger to write something on you. I told the story of Sameer having the wedding vows written on him since they didn't have a good way to write something that long and how it ended up being a cool temporary tattoo for him during the burn. You can make up your own story.

5) Go roller skating. Roller skating rink is there every year with hundreds of skates. Something 'normal' to veteran burners but ppl in the default world always seem surprised to hear about it.

6) Touch the trash fence. Explain the trash fence, what the perimeter of burning man looks like, not to go past the trash fence.

7) Pick up MOOP. Explain what MOOP stands for. Probably also explain what grey water is and how even pouring non-water on playa is bad.

8) Locate a bathroom by its blue lights. Talk about blue lights = bathroom, and also the layout of the bathrooms and that they're always located between C&D and H&I, except at 6 o'clock where it's between F&G, and 3 and 9 which are at E&F. Also behind the temple and ummm I think on the main stretches to the man? As with anything else, you can always double check with other camp members.

9) Cheer someone up. Gifting doesn't have to be physical. If you have a story here, tell it. Also in general how gifting isn't the same as bartering.

10) Get a playa name or give someone one.

11) Ride an art car Talk. about art car etiquette with getting on, etc.

12) Have a drink at a bar Bring a cup, okay to just walk into camps with lights on and talk to people. IDs needed.

13) Register yourself at center camp Center camp (where to find it, how to identify it), registry, emergency contact

14) Make a friend in the ice line (whether or not you're waiting for ice yourself) Where to buy ice. That and coffee at center camp are only things you can buy with money.

15) Deliver mail for the post office. Where are post offices. Really send to default world with BRC stamp. Deliver within BRC with volunteers like you!

16) Participate in a sport. Sunset ultimate at temple. The BRC marathon (or whatever race it is). List some other random things you see in the WWW. The red dress Hash run is always fun.

17) Watch a movie at the theater. Show times. Real theater. Roughly where it is if anyone has found it for the year.

18) Watch a fight at the Thunderdome. Another every year installation

19) Find the airstrip to watch planes takeoff and land Airport exists, can't really get a ride but can watch the planes. Often skydivers who are licensed to jump themselves.

20) Go dancing at a sound camp Talk about 10 and 2 how that's where the big sound camps are located. Look up or ask Skipper or someone else what the big names playing this year are.

21) Walk past temple, following a random light walk to it, Explain deep playa. Tell a story about something cool you found in deep playa last year.

22) Bring your cans to recycle camp The recycle camp will collect your aluminum cans for recycling. You can even crush them yourself.

23) Learn something new. Explain about all the different workshops that are offered. You can also mention TedX or other discussion style talks here.

24) Find the Flaming Lotus Girls. One of my favorite groups on the Playa: they always have awesome examples of fire art.


Supplement list with other things you see or you have a story from last year. Get campmates to list a few if they can from what they saw around, it would be good to make sure there are a few things from this year only.... If anything triggers you in our internal camp orientation, add that. I'm probably forgetting stuff. I like to point out to virgins, that don't worry about actually doing the things on the list, but often, the best part of burning man is heading towards something specific to do but then finding something small and more interesting and getting distracted instead. These suggestions are just meant to help trigger other adventures. Other random things you could work in: Tutu Tuesday, White Wednesday, whiteouts, darktards, costuming, public bikes...