2017 Postmortem Notes

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  • Camp size: 27
  • EA size: 7
  • Placement: 3:45 & A, 100' x 100' plot

What Went Well

  • Lag bolts are unstoppable. Certainly the hardest working thing in camp.
  • EA (7 people) got an unusual amount of work done pre-event. Likely because of the lag bolts.
  • Bigger dome, new (slumber) dome were well received
  • Offering went off without a hitch
  • More people playing their own music than previous years
  • Camp cohesion was good, but need to balance this with growth
  • Impact drivers were great for dome setup, but consider using drill to avoid shearing bolts
  • Piano and live music for the first time, excellent addition to the lounge

What Went Badly

  • Move to yurts was logistically difficult - let everyone be responsible for their own housing/sleeping arrangements
  • Yurt placement needs to be included in layout, avoid chaotic yurt favelas
  • Many late membership changes, consider changing membership model
  • Ran out of space in (26') truck, storage unit nearly at capacity
    • Need new storage for 2018 if we want to grow at all
  • WWW scheduling fail
  • Bike racks continue to be a joke
  • Mixer needs some love - diagnose mysterious intermittent hum
  • Few people contributing to arts and events, many contributing to camp logistics
  • Few events as compared to previous years, less off-playa event planning
  • Radio Free Ian needs a bigger audience

Hat-specific Notes


  • Need more lights, especially on the front of the house
    • NB: power hat is de facto lighting hat
  • Charging station in kitchen is kind of a mess
  • More general-purpose power cords


  • Fix broken gasket on hose nozzle
  • Need to clean totes in storage, possibly right before 2018 event
  • Water planning should account for heat; 2G/p/d for EA before shade cloth is up

Build and infrastructure

  • Philips is for suckers, move to square drive
    • Note that we are certain to break screws in combination with impact drivers
  • 200 bungee balls wasn't enough somehow, get 200 more
  • Need more grommets per shade cloth edge, likely to be a big project
  • Consider 12' conduit for front of house
  • Tool organization is weak, consider getting an actual toolbox


  • Consider putting kitchen against truck
  • Prepare multiple layouts, take direction of sun into account
  • Open walkway along kitchen (one cell wide) was helpful


  • Freezer replacement was a wild success. Consider replacing the fridge now.
  • Personal cooler space in the kitchen was well received
  • Maybe get a produce box
  • Regulate freezer temperature somehow
  • Improve knife organization
  • Get giant ziplock bags for ice to preserve meltwater
  • Need colander, knife sharpener (or new knives), pot holders


  • 5-man shifts were a good idea
  • Consider doing a PM tea (or other non-hookah) shift
  • Some requests for plastic tips for hookahs


  • Get more paper towels, one costco-sized pack doesn't quite cut it
  • Add labels to trash can lids
  • Get a rake for some reason
  • Recycling bags need to be 20G and blue, not 18G and not-blue
    • Trash is 33G though
  • It would be great if eco hat were responsible for going to the dump
  • Consider finding a dump site closer to Gerlach, Reno dump site takes a long time and makes recycling difficult

Trucking and logistics

  • Think long and hard before using u-haul again, make sure cleaning and overage are explicit in contract
  • Find a source for exodus wait times, maybe leaving at 4AM and nearly killing ourselves on the road every year isn't such a good idea
  • We need 3 - 9 new clear plastic bins, consider replacing all bins
    • Says Ian


  • Checklists save lives
    • Says Ian
  • It's probably time for new blackboards
  • Digital organization could be better (except for the wiki, which -- obviously -- is wonderful). Consider google org.
  • Shower is on its last legs
  • Check in again on org-run shipping container waitlist