2015 Postmortem Notes

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Seattle Drive

  • Require people to drop stuff off for the cargo van by noon day of rental
  • Generator rental takes 30+ minutes. Wound up leaving Seattle at 12:00.
  • ~10 hours Seattle -> SLHS
  • ~4.5 hours SLHS -> Reno
  • Preemptively charge cargo van battery with generator
  • Bug-splattered windshield is a problem in Oregon forests

Early Arrival

  • Packing takes longer than you think it will
  • Better shopping list consolidation
  • SIMPLE meals, limit number/rarity of ingredients
  • Have shopping list *done* a week before the burn
  • Truck may look like it has space, but don't forget about camp food, water, lumber, and gas placement
  • Plan for 4-5 hours in gate line, pack accessible food/drinks
  • Pack truck in order of access: kitchen > flags, setup tools > EA food
  • Make sure gasoline cans are actually full (nozzle shut-off issue)


  • Have meal shift serve the food
  • Liquid eggs instead?
  • Buy bread to clean up greasy pots
  • Do food parceling in Reno hotel
  • Kitchen hat must be EA
  • Probably need a new carport after EA dust storms


  • Fix leaky water barrel

Hookah Lounge

  • Sign for hookah flavors
  • Might actually need 6-7 people on shift if demand is high
  • Get more rugs?
  • Overprovision on shisha
  • Warn people that wind screens get hot, not to touch
  • More locking screens/bowls?
  • Buy some new divider tapestries (a few are ripping)


  • Used ~1 can / 1.5 hours, open 4 hours / day, open for 5 days, so need ~12.5 cans total
  • Space out coffee pitchers to match shift budget
  • Shifts need to self-organize to fill roles
  • Budget for water usage in coffee
  • Emphasize that we need INSTANT coffee


  • Buy more bolts and washers for the big dome
  • More/better drill bits
  • More rope diameters and variety
  • Knot instructions in manual
  • Strap down shade cloth with rope lines (though, causes saw holes)


  • More explicit instructions in camp manual, more copies
  • "Members Only" sign for break in tapestry wall
  • Infinity mirror in sign 'o'?