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New! 2018 page and 2018 Postmortem Notes.

About Us

Playasophy is a Burning Man camp based out of Seattle and San Francisco. We've been on playa since 2010, and you can usually find us in the 3:00 sector. A crew of the flyest flyers that ever flew.

We run a hookah lounge and serve iced coffee in the afternoon, and host live music performances, talks, and workshops into the evening most weekdays.

Drop us a line at info-at-playasophy-dot-org to get in touch. If you're interested in using our lounge space for a performance/talk/workshop, want to share an experience you had at our camp, or just want to learn more about Playasophy, we'd love to hear from you.

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Some popular pages include the Packing list, the Music page, and Roles description pages.

You may also be interested in art projects like the Wonderdome and Hookah Lounge, or camp infrastructure, including Power, Water, and Electricity. You may even be so interested that you write those pages.

Some camp subcommunities are so well established that they deserve their own wiki pages. For example, The Saratogans or the Sig Tau contingent.

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