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The person in this role is responsible for coordinating and minimizing the camp’s ecological footprint and related infrastructure. This role requires work primarily during the event.


  1. Determine whether the camp’s existing LNT infrastructure will meet the needs of the members this year.
  2. Plan the amount of consumable supplies such as black polyplastic, trash bags, paper burn bags, etc. needed and communicate it to ??? so it can be added to the early-arrival purchase list.
  3. Each day during the event, check how full the evaporation pools are and communicate it to the Infrastructure Lead if the levels are getting too high.
  4. Ensure that the trash, recycling, and other MOOP receptacles are being emptied in a timely manner. Inform the camp members if not.
  5. Ensure that burnable trash is being disposed of in the burn barrel when it’s active.