Hookah Master

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This role is responsible for managing and stocking the camp hookah lounge. This role requires work before and during the event.



  1. Ensure the camp has a working set of hookahs ready for the burn. There should be at least four operable hookahs. Purchase new ones to replace old worn-out hookahs. (Note: this includes checking/replacing hoses and all gaskets)
  2. Establish a daily budget of shisha and coals for each day the lounge will be open.
  3. Order the necessary amount of shisha and coals.
  4. Ensure all shifts have the necessary number of volunteers


  1. Ensure people are aware of and working their shifts, and the duties required
  2. Ensure at least two people of each shift know how to setup and maintain the hookahs
  3. Teach shift members how to do the above, if necessary
  4. Ensure that people appropriately clean and put away the hookahs, hoses, and other equipment (tables, tongs, ash bucket, shisha canisters)
  5. Track hookah, shisha, and coal status throughout the week. Maintain inventory and count of coals and shisha and make adjustments/announcements as necessary