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The person in this role is responsible for planning and maintaining the camp’s electrical infrastructure. This role requires work primarily during the event, with the exception of the rental, estimating the camp’s fuel usage, and getting the fuel onto the playa


  1. Coordinate the rental of the portable gasoline generator for the duration of the event.
  2. Repair or replace electrical infrastructure, including lights, extension cords, surge protectors, etc.
  3. Plan the amount of gasoline needed and communicate it to ??? so it can be added to the early-arrival purchase list.
  4. Each day during the event, start the generator within an hour after the sun rises.
  5. Refill the generator as needed during the day to keep it running.
  6. Shut the generator off an hour after the sun sets.
  7. Each day, charge the deep-cycle battery in the kitchen to full.